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Car dermatosis is the disaster that who causes

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Novice start off, stumble unavoidable, blew, loiter on which go repairing? Often hear a car advocate complain, the time of new spray paint does not grow love car, automobile body have to " dermatosis " : Extensive of lily car lacquer gives yellow; Showed on level off, shining automobile body " pitted " , " blister " . Actually, "Dermatosis " it is be bored with child did not do the disaster that cause. <br>
The author from be located in battalion of Buddha of sunny area stone east the abundant abundant in understands all right, because industry competition is intense with each passing day, a lot of repair inn non-standardly to drive time blindly, control cost in order to strive for profit. The lacquer makings with inferior service mass, complementary makings, in be bored with child still fall to begin spray paint without complete parched circumstance, lunt cannot be volatilized below paint film by the cover, get after the influence of the harsh environment such as high temperature, lacquer face appears easily extensive is yellow fade, be bored with child the phenomenon that spurt is taken off and lacquer face bubbles. <br>
Automobile body color is ten kinds of lubricious mothers are allocated and by different dosage 56 kinds are become even normally, repair nick quickly to must move paint division to cooperate professional equipment ability to finish by major. After computer has coarse adjustment according to former plant color patch undertake fine tuning by the oxidation degree of the technician basis automobile body that has experience again, ability makes sure match colors is rapid and accurate. The technician building a car that abundant abundant goes says, normal build a business quickly one year the character of time assures meeting compliance. If repair inn jerry on spray paint craft very easy discovery: Car lacquer surface is sent corrupt, without burnish the specification is in final process little gush or do not have gush bright oil at all; If the color of car lacquer is frame-up, begin to fade after a few months, demonstrative spray paint alls over number insufficient. <br>

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