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The use of car summer and nurse

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  The summer is forthcoming, guangzhou these days air temperature also begins to rise apparently, for the friend to having a car, maintain and use an issue what also should consider how to make good summer car now, regard car friend as the compere of the club, the incoming letter that the author receives these days is the issue that involves car summer to nurse almost, because this is made designedly this period the special subject that uses a car about the summer, hope what the Che Youyou to paying close attention to our newspaper helps. <br>
1, cooling water temperature is not lower better <br>
Summertime weather is torrid, some drivers pass to prevent engine temperature tall, ask blindly cooling water temperature as far as possible low, the author sees the end that spends some drivers to drop in temperature to achieve even, flat tear open thermostat the course of action that go, actually these practices are incorrect. <br>
Car engine is be afraid of already " hot " be afraid of again " cold " " fellow " , if cooling water temperature is too low, can make fuel combustion exasperate, oily cost raises, aggravate wears away, engine oil viscosity increases, engine power is reduced. The experiment makes clear, when temperature of the cooling water when car travel is 40-50 ℃ , engine wears away increase 60-80% , power is reduced 25% , 8-10% of oily cost increase. Accordingly, the temperature of engine cooling water is not lower better, should control commonly between 80-90 ℃ . <br>
2, when washing a car, should notice to maintain <br> of air conditioning Gan Shuang
Summertime air temperature is elevatory, dirt is increased, automobile body is light dirty, car advocate the frequency that washs a car also begins to rise, a lot of cars advocate what like also hoping to resemble bathing to oneself when washing a car, do is complete, but what here should notice is, must maintain the Gan Shuang of appearance of car air conditioning, if car air conditioning does not take care to be wetted, can affect the life of car air conditioning. <br>
3, cistern " boil " add water not to beg fast <br>
This kind of practice is compared over a few novices commonly common, summertime to be warm, cistern of at sight of appears " boil " phenomenon, temperature of afraid engine is again elevatory, instantly flameout adds water. Actually this kind of practice is wrong, cause air cylinder extremely possibly to because suffer suddenly,be built cold and occurrence craze phenomenon. <br>
If meet unexpectedly cistern " boil " , general and accurate method is: Jockey instantly, let engine maintain idle fast idling continues to come loose hot; Open engine cover at the same time, rise medicinal powder hot speed; After waiting for cooling water temperature to reduce, again engine flameout. Right now if cooling water amount is insufficient when, should slowly add, in case because air cylinder lid suffers abruptly cold and occurrence craze. <br>
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