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Winter of car air conditioning safeguards a point

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The service life of system of car air conditioning depends on greatly it whether receive proper care and maintenance. <br>
Compressor: The installation bracket of compressor must not become loose. Degree of tightness of transmission V belt is appropriate, too loose meeting is caused skid, cause compressor rotate speed to drop, refrigerating capacity is insufficient; Too close aggravate leather belt wears away and cause crankshaft bearing to be injured prematurely. Height of fat face of compressor refrigerator oil should be inside formulary limits, refrigerator oil wastage falls in normal circumstance few, if cannot see refrigerator oil from inside the lens inspecting oil of compressor, explain to leak phenomenon exists in air conditioning system, answer to be maintained in time. <br>
Condenser: It is normal to can work to assure system of whole air conditioning, refrigeration result is favorable, those who maintain condenser appearance is clean it is crucial. For this, often clean condenser, prevent smeary, clay and other sundry add on condenser. The attention when cleaning does not touch condenser carbon fin, cannot injure pipe more. <br>
Evaporator: Be in the air inlet place of evaporator, install available gas mesh commonly, air mesh should be cleaned every week, with hare car sundry and the dirt inside, adsorptive go up in air mesh and block up airiness, cause refrigerating capacity inadequacy. <br>
Air conditioning pipeline: Often should examine air conditioning system each tube has without wear away, ageing phenomenon. Garden hose is used in great quantities in air conditioning system, if these tube have,wear away, wait for environmental temperature when system of elevatory, refrigeration works, meet cartridge igniter, cause light leak of refrigeration agent, refrigerator oil, air conditioning system is complete invalidation. If tube is broken already, air conditioning still continues to run, can bring about clay and moisture to enter the component such as compressor in great quantities, make system of whole air conditioning discards as useless. Accordingly, often must check garden hose, the circumstance that discovers attrition wants to be handled in time, want to had wrapped up crevasse with cloth to already destroying buccal part, and disuse empty wither, send as soon as possible, maintenance. <br>
Electric circuit: Often examine the electrical wiring case of air conditioning, the adiabatic layer that prevents electrical wiring is worn-out. When the insurance of air conditioning system burns caustic, want to check be out of order to be in first, insurance is changed to be in charge of electrify again after waiting for processing to be over, must not receive insurance weak point, burn out likely otherwise whole line, the other circuit that goes up possibly also to the car produces undesirable effect. <br>
Additional, in blame use period, even if cold winter, every other a week also should let compress grind run more than 10 minutes, it is normal to check departmental branch.
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