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Tire fills up nitrogen is safer

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Nitrogen applies on tire already near two years. In security demand extremely fast aircraft, aerospace wears racing bicycle of tat, F1, prospect and the tire that dig mine engine to wait to go up to use nitrogen.

Nitrogen is a kind of approximately inert double atomic gas, chemistry is extremely dead, not easy heat bilges cold shrink, be out of shape scope is little, its permeate the speed of tire embryo wall to make an appointment with slower than air 30%-40% , can maintain stable embryo to press, increase the stability of travel, assure driving comfortable sex; The frequency conductibility of nitrogen is low, be equivalent to common airy 1 / 5, use nitrogen can reduce the noise of tire effectively, those who raise travel is halcyon degree.

After use nitrogen, tire embryo presses stability, bulk change is little, reduced tire greatly irregular grinding possibility, if the coronal is ground, shoulder is ground, slant grind, improved the service life of tire. Ground of can great limit eliminates nitrogen depart plant the oxygen in air, sulfur, oily, water and other foreign matter, lowered the rate that the oxidation degree of tire liner layer and balata are corroded effectively, prolonged the service life of tire.

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