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The summer uses lube note

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  The summer chooses the viscosity that engine oil should notice when engine oil, choose the engine oil with viscosity a few more largish level as far as possible, if viscosity level is 15W / 40, 20W / 50 wait. Because the viscosity of lube follows the elevatory meeting of temperature,drop somewhat. The oxidation speed that summertime oil tastes is accelerated, pledge changeably, want to often examine lube quantity, oleaginous case so, try in time to change. Also can consider to choose quality scale a few taller, fight the engine oil with oxidation a few stronger performance, be like " Great Wall Jin Jixing " steam engine oil, " the Dragon King of Great Wall power " bavin engine oil.

The summer runs long-distance car (overload especially car) , often mix in hill road the car engine temperature of the travel on the road with road bad condition lifts easily, the water lukewarm table that should notice engine or engine oil thermometer, engine oil calls the police watch of pressure of the lamp, engine oil, like engine oil the lamp shines or force of machine oil pressure is not inside normal limits value, answer to jockey instantly, search an account, after the thermal drop that stays engine comes down again travel.

Summertime overhaul car or new car are in adjust period when, should choose viscosity level to be 10W / 30 or 15W / the lube of 40 (adjust period car need not add repair agent) , do not use the lubricating oil of tall viscosity.

   How to clean car air conditioning

Experienced a winter and spring, tibet of the hard to avoid in car air conditioning became full contamination. Repair inn to clean to maintain cleanness to be about to be taken on time, annual May is the fastigium that repairs inn to clean air conditioning.

Below normal circumstance, the air inlet of car air conditioning has pollen filter core implement, the function is when preventing outer circulation of car air conditioning, exterior dirt is entered. When cleaning air conditioning, want a pollen filter core implement pick, go in air conditioning clear lotion from air inlet grow, want to close those who tighten air conditioning to give wind gap at the same time, avoid air conditioning to clean an agent from give blast tuyere to flow. After this two situations had been done, launch the car, open air conditioning, lotion letting Qing Dynasty undertakes in air conditioning system inside circularly, this measure should last a few minutes, make sure the liquid circulates each passageways of air conditioning system. About 5 minutes or so, shut air conditioning, car also flameout, cannot cross the pipeline system that how long can contamination be located in chassis from air conditioning to pour out of. If car air conditioning is not very dirty, wash with this kind of method most economy, the price is controlled in 100 yuan. J021

  Beijing sale center innovated again in April tall

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