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Accept rice fuel whether item oil is waited for examine

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The car uses oil is the biggest problem that has car a group of things with common features all the time, and this problem is shown as the rise day of gas retail price outstanding. Zero hour rose on March 31, 2004, the gas retail price of countrywide each district is uniform go up tone, become 4 years to come top price. Be in Beijing, 90 benzine every liter reachs 3.23 yuan by 2.99 yuan of attune, 93 benzine every liter reachs 3.46 yuan by 3.2 yuan of attune, 97 reach 3.67 yuan by 3.4 yuan of attune, go up 7% to 8% differ.

   Division oily product suffers bestow favor on

Fuel rises in price let a few steam matched agency to see business chance. As we have learned, after benzine rises in price, steam matchs agency to place division oily product in conspicuous position, and these products also make current popular goods really. The reporter learns, benzine rises in price that evening, beijing area still was the taxi of fuel to remove cue in the platoon in gas station with benzine, this gives a businessman with very big enlightenment.

From April the bottom begins, section of a kind of rice making offer is oily implement the target that the product becomes Beijing drivers to ask each other. According to saying, this kind of product can turn common fuel into oil of accept Mi Ran, combustion is more complete, utilization rate is higher also, can save oily 10%-30% . Media of Beijing much home had a story to this product, weigh the whole nation already know exactly about sth mount of 10 thousand cars this device, only Beijing had hundreds car to hold this unit.

   Item oil is tasted newly still remain market test

The reporter produces oil of item of rice of this kind of accept from implement the data that gets over there the company says, accept rice section is oily implement install a vitta in the car, add tail gas 50%-90% can be purified after holding this unit, save fuel 10%-30% , enhance dynamical 10%-30% , reduce engine noise, restrain accumulate carbon to generate, clean firebox, prolong engine life. Say, chinese fuel uses up 170 million tons every year, if use this device treated fuel, with managing 15% computation, add up to 25.5 million tons, be equivalent to countrywide annual importing the 1/4 of oil gross, value 5.1 billion dollar.

But the expert inside the industry that the reporter covers is not valued however to this. Chen Guangzu of famous car expert thinks, item oil is difficult problem of a world, there ever also had been the view that makes up in carburettor magnet will save oil before, but factual proof, oily unit of these so called division are " short-lived " , was not carried forward. Although some products own patent, acquire concerned branch approbate, but its have what more or less still need practice however to examine after all in the feasibility in practice.

Maintain and drive goodly the key that the habit is item oil maintains technician to say, the best method that save oil notices pair of car at ordinary times namely maintain, nurturance drives goodly habit. Not often urgent apply the brake or urgent quickly. Come from extensive inferior Shi Yongjin points out the engineer of limited company of car technology center, the same model of same brand, drive by different person, oily bad news can have be as high as 30% , the difference of 50% , guide a car advocate form drive goodly the habit, use state that makes sure car is good, will rise to urge action tremendously to energy-saving environmental protection. No less than a car advocate the energy-saving result that introduces him to the reporter in that way: The car is energy-saving have " 4 avoid " . One avoid " see grab for nothing " , because constant need is urgent,quicken, slam the brakes on, oily bad news compares divide evenly fast when can increase 2-3 times; 2 avoid " shortsighted, measure is undeserved " , carelessly the traffic situation of ahead, not beforehand dodge or shift to an earlier date decelerate, see red light or encounter meeting car, rely on to step on brake suddenly only, bad news violent wind rises natural oil; 3 avoid " high speed is low block move, start pilot time idle fast " ; 4 avoid exceed travel of economic speed per hour for long. Different model has the economic speed per hour of respective demarcate, below normal circumstance, exceed travel of economic speed per hour too much, both neither safety is wasteful also.
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