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This cropland car maintains two-men is versed in maintain the law causes car ser

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"Two-men is versed in maintain of the law execute, can say the one great leap that is industry of vehicle maintenance and repair, it is the change of the number not just, be service concept more is newer. Save client time, improve company efficiency, the company profits, client satisfaction, they made full use of this only invisible hand comes to the market lead a client, literally says, their practice quickened the progress of industry of vehicle maintenance and repair. " a controller of guild of Chinese vehicle maintenance and repair is in wide the two-men that this Fang Zhuang inn visits them is versed in maintain the word in his heart was being spoken after the law.

Early hear of wide the two-men that this Fang Zhuang inn took the lead in rolling out car to maintain is versed in a law, and progressively in countrywide person of the same trade promotion, but always watch its real features without the predestined relationship. An opportunity yesterday makes a reporter fine fine observation " two-men is versed in maintain " whole process.

The car arrives wide this square village store serves an area quickly, jockey into business hall, accuse should maintain into travel car. The clerk is given on maintain odd, maintain labour A at the same time (because be two-men,maintain, we call of short duration of maintenance worker worker A of maintenance worker worker and B of maintenance worker worker) had received car key, open door to cover on steering wheel is covered, seating and crural mat (lest inside the car by flyblown) , drive the car to maintain quickly into what establish technically next area, enter maintain labour, right now A does not get off, and before B already stood to the car that will maintain, smooth extend both hands and issue a statement to A: Both hands big thumb up, express two headlight, both hands thumb is down, represent two little lights, towards the left expresses left-hand rotation Xiang Deng, express right ancient turn to the lamp, both hands big toe at the same time outward, express urgent twinkle the lamp; Check comprehensive lamplight, end of car of B quickstep whereaboutldirection, almost same move do and order redo. Lamplight is checked, the rain before the examination is brushed implement. Before A opens car machine, build next, at the same time B two before on the wing before wing cloth is put in two of the car gently (the purpose is to do not let before wing is flyblown) , a does necessary machine examination to open engine oil to build, and the case that B examines 4 door seriously right now, do a key to check to the children lock of the side door after the driver, open mothball box next, take out spare wheel, the inspection that makes spare wheel works.

The examination ends, use the car special lift litre implement the height that rises to 170 centimeters or so, a uses engine oil of special tool dropt, tear open core of next engine oil filter, and B uses an instrument to be pressed to 4 tire embryo undertake detecting, insufficient complement. Face each tire to use tire of both hands roll next, whether is examination tread damaged, whether does sidewall have bosomy package, if discover the problem is written in time,maintaining on sheet, remind a car in order to have advocate. To after car batholith arrived once upon a time, undertaking be checkinged in the round completely, examine whether to have leakage oil and the appearance that become loose. At the same time A already changed core of new engine oil filter.
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