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Lift litre implement drop car, a is added pour engine oil, compensatory glass water, check storage battery, check antifreeze, pull out face of fluid of engine oil of examination of engine oil feet, wipe a machine with the floss. B answers spare wheel outfit mothball compartment. Maintain end near, b starts engine one minute, next flameout, a pulls out again face of fluid of engine oil of examination of engine oil feet is noted with ensuring engine oil is added accurate.

The most wonderful when arrived. B begins to fill maintain odd, fill at the same time issue word of command at the same time: Storage battery?

A: "Storage battery is normal. "Storage battery is normal..

B: "Antifreeze? "Antifreeze??

A: "Antifreeze is normal. "Antifreeze is normal..

B: "Vitreous water? "Vitreous water??

A: "Vitreous water is normal. "Vitreous water is normal..

Maintain finished basically. A takes away double wing cloth, the machine before putting down is built, wipe, wash a car, make a car. B sweeps the spot, complement must maintain things. The reporter saw time: 21 minutes.

Business director tells a reporter: Two-men maintains the examination item that whole process involves amounts to more than 20. And maintain traditionally methodological course queues up, Zhang of maintenance, settle accounts, the shortest also want left and right sides of a hour.

"Two-men is versed in maintain the gain with the biggest way is the time that twice ground saved a client, twice land increased company efficiency, the result is drawn turn round numerously guest. " wide Lin Changchun cut center of this square village store to experience two-men to be versed in personally maintain the change that brings to the enterprise.

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