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7 come from into traffic accident become flat to check tire to not allow to igno

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On May 22 midday, in lamp of pedestrian crosswalk of Laoshan of road of stone scene hill east side, one in small-sized motor vehicle by on the west eastwards the Great Wall Sai Fu of travel, right annulus become flat suddenly, drive subliminal towards the left hits the driver annulus remedy, "Great Wall contest nots " bump to the center to protect column, in bump one instant, revolver also becomes flat, subsequently car on sb's head lies in the road in the center of.

Learn statistic according to American car engineer, because tyre pressure on the low side or leakage are caused,the United States has traffic accident every year 260 thousand cases is. Be in China, in the traffic accident that produces on the freeway, having 70 % is cause because of becoming flat. Protective tire ability reduces carriage cost, raise economic benefits, and protective tire is the most crucial is tyre pressure should be accorded with aerate standard.

Normally, car becomes flat the accident is in the summer of high temperature is incidental. But, causing the cause that become flat is high temperature not just, if inspect tire carelessly, any season have possibly become flat appear. Car travel is on the road, encounter outside eyewinker bump or by lacerate, fast and flat and become flat; Chronic and flat bring about becoming flat also is commonner circumstance. Current, by use meridian tire more with the car, its inner liner and cover tyre are united in wedlock together cheek by jowl, encounter Za Ding to penetrate, the air of tire interior won't at a draught light leak, however slowly flat.

The car is when the road surface travel with road poorer condition, want special attention drive a vehicle and tire safety. On this kind of road surface, tire may bump hole hole or other foreign matter, bring about tire to produce extruding to be out of shape between concussion content and rim flange, serious when can cause cloth of tire interior curtain to break gauze, in-house air meets tire fashion bosomy package since top of the place that break gauze. Differ according to wallop size, tire rouses packet of formation time to also differ somewhat. Wallop amount is large, curtain cloth breaks gauze more, tire can fashion bosomy package very quickly; When wallop volume is minor, curtain cloth breaks gauze less, rouse a bag so and do not appear surely, but after the travel that passes period of time, the meeting that break gauze is added gradually fashion bosomy package then more. Because this discovers in the person that drive,tire beat is wrapped and tire is bumped probable meeting has between the eyewinker " time is wrong " .

The importance that inspects tire regularly nots allow to ignore. Whether does regular examination crown have Za Ding for instance, by cut, the sealed state of core of as amiable as mouth of the combinative department of hub, valve door, whether does fetal wall rouse bag and abnormal tire wear and tear, want special attention to check the abnormal wear and tear that whether because fixed position is bad,the brim has in tire tread or low-pressure travel brings about, discovery hind should undertake in time repairing, perhaps change new tire, prevent tire to be short of air travel.
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