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Ailishe Parameter price remarks Went up 2003 door model ** SX8V 4.75 SX16V(is shallow interior trim) 5.2 Went up 2004 door model ** X8V 5 SX16V(is shallow interior trim) 5.6 Went up 2005 door model ** SX8V 5.8 SX16V(is shallow interior trim) 6.4 Went up 2006 door model ** SX8V 6.4 SX16V(is shallow interior trim) 6.8
Tall configuration Ailishe contains gasbag of safety of deputy driver's seat shut a function, in deputy drive gasbag can avoid below the case that records children the harm to children. The rear wheel of patent of snow iron dragon is followed use the ultimate rate that turned to a technology to rise to attack a turn, 05 Ailishe also introduced BA first (urgent apply the brake helps strength) . Xuzhou is cognitive to Ailishe spending is not too tall, prices value on the low side, in Xuzhou two handcart trade the market sees Xue Tielong fastens a model very hard. (Advanced evaluate division Chen Zhen to write)

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