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Beijing contemporary Yi Lan uses Korea especially the 6th acting Elantra of contemporary and popular whole world is archetypal car, front-wheel drive mark of Yilante deserves to have aerate dish Buddhist templeput on the brakes, have 10 inches of hydraulic voltage regulator that take mensurable a powerful person, assured to jockey reliably force of apply the brake. After axle assembled the bosomy Buddhist templeput on the brakes of proper motion adjustment. Prevent held optional fittings in the arms dead to add 7 8 to dish Buddhist templeput on the brakes inch around booster, still added in short the electronic brake that is apart from load of passenger of the oversight when brake to allocate set makes dynamical dispatching system. The drive person of the biggest to asking below all sorts of weather conditions traction, yilante's Mando prevents the complement that holds dead system in the arms to be able to serve as traction to control a system. This kind of mark matched a system to use check, understand tracheal control technology, controlling traffic better while, send motive force to the wheel from rotational axle. 1.8GLS of Yi Lan spy equiped 4 safety of intelligent gasbag. 06 engine increased Cvvt, arrived 07 prices fall greatly, the new car price that at present Xuzhou lowest configures is in 92 thousand wander. But configuration also is reduced subsequently. In Yilante inside two handcart prices of 1.8 quantities although the price compares the configuration of 1.6 to want a lot of more, (for instance 4 gasbag) but the reason such as oily bad news, bring about secondhand the market special sell hard, (Advanced evaluate division Chen Zhen to make up

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