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One steam masses gets offline 2 million times car 2 factories are formal put int

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2007 is the hair force that Chinese car market holds the balance year, it is one steam more - popular asks a vessel year. The implementation of 2 million targets, have car of class of B of brand of masses of epoch-making history sense to stride those who vacate is upright and unafraid get offline, car 2 factories large quantities of manufacturing beginning, a below this heavy pen mark another exclaim, open one steam - the future that the masses makes a person fix eyes upon, one steam - the aircraft carrier that the masses sets sail just like braves the wind and waves...

One steam masses gets offline the 2 millionth times

One steam - the productivity with current people everyday nearly 3000 cars, at present car one factory is 3 production, car 2 factories are 2 production, crop is shown rise sharply. In one steam - masses car one factory and the general assembly product line of 2 factories, what we see the discretion like long dragon rises and fall is dangerous the platoon on catenary became full stride brand-newly vacate, fast vacate, Ao Di, Xin Baolai, treasure comes HB, golf, nimble is amounted to wait for car of much breed series, the model that makes a department from production produces sort to go up, we see one steam - the model that the masses produces everyday is as high as 100 many breed. As we have learned, when the high level of German people corporation the leader comes to one steam - the masses, face system of so advanced production and producer type, can't help the heart is unripe gasp in admiration, after going back to the motherland, popular of special directive Germany produces a branch to want to one steam - masses study, execute the mixed flow production of much breed.

Modern production is a narrow noun no longer, it is representing production to make a technology not only, and the manufacturing organization that bearing with whole production manages a technology inside, substance that produces idea and internationalization sheds administrative system. The advanced idea that containing in system and advanced manufacturing technology manages in advanced production, those who deciding an enterprise is backward with progress, had this kind of advanced idea, mean a kind of tremendous energy release, in one steam - we found the masses this answer.

1998 one steam - the masses already realized an electron to look board should goods and punctual change for goods, factory of manufacturing form a complete set can pass one steam - the FIS-JIP network system with advanced masses, understand one steam in time - people corporation everyday, the model sort in every production, a punctual form a complete set send work continuously, big volume does not exceed 2 hours. CKD arrives from indent for goods the carriage in road, undertake dogging effectively entirely, make CKD be in from beginning to end controlled in. In production and manufacturing management, one steam - the masses realized module to assemble not only, still used as synchronous as German people corporation R3 software, the computer whole course that came true to produce whole process dogs management, dogging in the process, can collect data automatically.
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