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Trinitarian Euramerican and secondhand car market

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At this late hour, euramerican each developed country already was built, perfect a complete old car attestation, displacement, auction, buy and sell system, make sure consumer can buy the two handcart that petty gain is at ease.

Current, two handcart of domestic lie not lukewarm not condition of awkwardness of not fire, unripe amaranthine. Because buyers and sellers is put in the face subproblem of serious information asymmetry and compatriots, two handcart bright somebody make inquires. Watch Euramerican developed country instead, two handcart market is to see a new world, a picture, presented purchase and sale the situation of two flourishing.

Of the car civil changed production to had experienced more than 100 year up to now, as the forerunner of auto industry, euramerican and most country is in on the century gains ground with respect to what finished a car before 449 time, the demand to the car entered whole society to change level, the price of each class car keeps stable relatively, the consumptive concept of consumer also upgrades with each passing day.

In Euramerican each country, the customer that buys new car is the middle class with higher income and fashionable personage commonly, this kind of person does not consider economic factor especially, the advanced function that basically pays close attention to a car and vogue are spent. Pass use of 45 years normally, drop when the beautiful degree of the car, performance is laggard, transfer to be carried program, and when the consumer under the middle class that holds great majority buys a car, often be the price preferential, this becomes the premise with cheap and fine two handcart hot market. To original car advocate, dispose of the car before car ageing, sell a reasonable price likely, can yet be regarded as protects value medium one kind; And purchaser, normally can the half price with new car (still can pass instalment even) buy gratified flexibly car, and performance is not poor also, after using 3 years two, still can sell; Right now the price of the car has cost price only commonly two 3 into, such car basically flows to low income and the student hand that do not have income in; There still is a kind of car finally, the price is new car only 5% to 10% , the person that buys these cars basically is new immigrant and staff of work of ab extra Wu, although want to cost a few upkeep costs, but, the car can assume daily life basically also to need. The consumption that if this is giant,has group, car distributors also after the two handcart maintenance that readily take the opportunity to will reclaim, spray paint, new embark upon a political venture, strive for sell give a good price. Such, two handcart to selling the home, buy the home, middleman for, can each takes what he needs, the market is hot also with respect to follow a rational line to do some work well. 2003, sale of Australian new car is 3.7 million, and two handcart total sales volume is 8.1 million, the corresponding period, new old car consumes England than be 86:251. In recent years, of the measure of spending of new old car of two countries of beautiful, day be in than maintaining basically also 1:3Or so.
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