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North shows fittings of play chess of square rich of China and foreign countries

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Anxious contemporary heavy industry comes to Beijing contemporary hair last week one paper fax, say the new student produces equipment already lading, be badly in need of Beijing contemporary the start shipment after signing. Close a week went, contemporary the signature that heavy industry still did not get wanting. Those who reject to sign is Beijing contemporary in square partner delegate, reason is the manufacturing facilities with contemporary Korea purchases the value exorbitant. This still is not Beijing contemporary in square delegate to Korea contemporary say " not " all, since this year in square delegate begins authority of speech of comprehensive capturing joint ventures, first battle win victory.
Purchase cost contradiction become acute to investigate indication abundant Tian Bentian and concern of spare parts business are best

Both sides of Beijing contemporary China and foreign countries runs divergent rumor, had not broken since the company 4 years ago holds water, result great majority ends with triumph of Han Fangquan face. But all all these are in after a relief just administering in Feburary this year, produced major change.

This year on March 10, shanghai is general take the lead in announcing to depreciate, subsequently inside period of time, day of one steam masses, Shanghai masses, east wind is produced wait for ten manufacturer to depreciate in succession. Depreciate to already became market main trend, propping up without new product this year, beijing is contemporary want to finish sale job, urgent affairs is make response to the market -- , depreciate.

March the middle ten days of a month, beijing contemporary Han just manages a layer to begin to be able to go up in be in charge of offer to depreciate, but in sufferring, square management layer is overruled. It is reported, han depreciates just in a hand just running in suggesting text is given, square collective rejects to sign in. Arrive subsequently inside half month at the beginning of April, han Fang puts forward several times to depreciate again, but still be denied one after another. "Component cost house does not fall high at that time, do not have depreciating capital at all. " why does explanation of Beijing contemporary high level reject to depreciate at that time.

Can go up in subsequently be in charge of, square management layer raises a requirement in -- , it is OK to depreciate, but should reduce component to purchase cost considerably. Zhang Liang is Beijing modern vise general manager alsoes look after manage cadre to grow, also be be in charge of meets. He tells a reporter, square management layer feels to purchase cost in really too tall, "This year this kind of grim situation falls, purchase cost not to fall, beijing is contemporary can enter hot water. Beijing is contemporary can enter hot water..

Beijing is contemporary hold water 4 years to come, market of all previous classics depreciates several times spring tide, beijing is contemporary also depreciate several times, "But upriver component purchases the price to did not fall " . Beijing's contemporary high level says, depreciate every time Beijing is contemporary it is cost with the profit of sacrificial joint ventures. To last year, furnace of contemporary and standing deputy total Li Hong expresses Beijing publicly, beijing's contemporary bicycle profit is less than 200 yuan only, beijing is contemporary was last year one of enterprises of lowest of profit margin of domestic car industry.
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