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North shows fittings of play chess of square rich of China and foreign countries

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This distance Shanghai is general March depreciate the action had spent two months full. The Beijing that Beijing's contemporary market position was not before any more is contemporary.

In square seize power

After a month on June 16, beijing is contemporary announce to depreciate once more, be turn for elegant gentry this special.

Zhang Liang discloses, in 28 days during, bilateral negotiation did not stop all the time, in the negotiation, just hold again in active, "Han Fang also knows, if contemporary car sells Beijing badly, day of his business of form a complete set is uneasy also. Day of his business of form a complete set is uneasy also..

Liu Jin of minister of Beijing contemporary public relations says, at present Yilante and elegant gentry purchased cost especially to be reduced 8% the left and right sides, but far still did not achieve the goal that falls greatly. Zhang Liang expresses, next road get the better of He Yuxiang's component to purchase cost to also can fall greatly, preliminary it is to fall 5% the left and right sides. Current, sino-South Korean both sides already reached certain consensus to this, beijing is contemporary with Han endowment supplier talks things over.

Depreciating is not conference table in going up, just win exclusively. It is reported, han Fang agrees to carry out " purchase n duality to change " , namely Sino-South Korean supplier is collective contest mark, below the condition that can obtain a requirement in quality, preferential those who purchase domestic production, the component with inferior value. It is reported, at present boreal steam accuses already was in suitable justice built base of a component, beijing's contemporary order is one of targets.

This is merely begin

The near future, as a result of the promotion that speech counterpoises, in square even sales resistance comes from contemporary the costly equipment of heavy industry, this is being returned before never happen.

Modern new plant is located in Beijing suitable justice, laid a foundation in April 2006, the design is produced can 300 thousand, decide formerly this year October test run, next year 3, batch was produced April, bright annual lieutenant general has new car to get offline. At present whole new plant area has the equipment of 60% to reach the designated position only, besmear outfit factory reachs the designated position rate is tallish, achieve 80% .

Contemporary and in-house personage discloses Beijing, introduce about what core of new plant part produces equipment on, the difference with Sino-South Korean current both sides basically is in price respect. It is reported, at present new plant needs mass-produced on-line robot, every robot is contemporary heavy industry ask a price 67 thousand dollar, and the equipment such as the robot of coequal quality, cropland of one steam abundant those who purchase control in 34 thousand dollar.

Just ask new plant produces equipment in introduce charge to drop considerably. Liu Jin expresses, there is experience when old plant is being built 4 years ago, and also need to assure successful production, consult so Korea is contemporary the standard that produces consistency, introduced Korea in great quantities the equipment of enterprise of contemporary form a complete set. "But the everybody after 4 years knows to competitive ability falls the price. "But the everybody after 4 years knows to competitive ability falls the price..
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