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North shows fittings of play chess of square rich of China and foreign countries

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"Korea is contemporary heavy industry informs we say for many times, these manufacturing facilities already lading, in wanting, just sign, can carry China comes next. But below the case that introducing charge to did not drop, just cannot sign in. " Beijing contemporary high level discloses.

A got-up affair the way that Xiang Zhongfang expects develops. "The manufacturing facilities of new plant product line is purchased already executed internationalization invite public bidding, face invite public bidding of whole world company, " Liu Jin of minister of Beijing contemporary public relations expresses, these enterprises include heart look forward to, beautiful look forward to and Chinese company, do not have Korea company only.

Zhang Liang says, after be being striven for through a few, han Fang and in basically just reached a consensus: Should put the profit of the joint ventures in forever the first, "This is the biggest result that in be being striven for this, gets. " Zhang Liang says, beijing is contemporary have to make money accompany Korean play.

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