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Airport for construction of the first floor three-dimensional second-hand car t

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Recently, the Ministry of Commerce issued a notice, the second-hand car market expanded pilot demonstration project of upgrading the 21 provinces. Yesterday from the city's largest airport second-hand car market used car market has learned that a three-dimensional vehicles will soon start the construction of exhibition halls, the exhibition sets used car display, trade, transfer in one, the increase in vehicle booth 1500, is expected to put into use in July next year, airports will also be a used-car market with the North's first building three-dimensional second-hand car trading market. Second-hand car market, according to airport-related charge, the new three-dimensional car showroom is situated at the back of the hall used car transactions, a total construction area of 35,976 square meters, is divided into three layers inside. The first floor show for the high-end imported vehicles and vehicle detection zone; the second floor display area for the high-end cars; three display areas for the popular type of vehicles, office equipment and vehicles, decorated the whole area clean. "After the completion of the building trade, we will set up procedures for transfer of vehicle ownership in the three to achieve look at cars, car, train service formalities." The official said, for the full and rational use of space, office space area to the form of corridors in the air, the number of parking spaces for each office space corresponds to around 8. Each has a small staircase between the two offices direct access to their respective parking spaces, as well as lower car booth to provide more space. In addition, within the main building, respectively, with a dedicated pedestrian and vehicle access, so that separate pedestrians and traffic flow, without disturbing each other. Airport used-car market has been operating since opening in 2006, annual volume has more than 30,000 vehicles climbed to nearly 50,000 last year, but the existing site area is saturated, while inhibition of the transaction vehicles speed and efficiency of inspection, the other hand, severely restricted the scale of operation. After the completion of three-dimensional car showroom, is expected to enable the trading volume reached 6 thousand cars.
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