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Policy-oriented or modified second-hand car market is expected to usher in th

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Has now entered the middle of December, smaller cars and tax concessions, car trade and other policies about to expire, and the recent rumors of the travel tax reform, Beijing "restriction order" and other news, China's auto market in 2011 to become the people most concerned about the topic. Jiang Wenhui, general manager of the Chinese city of second-hand car that in 2011 the national policy guide for the automotive market will change, second-hand car ma rket is expected to usher in spring. According to December 9, China Automobile Industry Association's latest data show that from January to November 2010, car sales are more than 16 million total, to reach 18 million by the end, more than the expected 17 million. By 10% year on year growth rate of a conservative estimate, through next year, car sales will be close to 20 million. The performance of the domestic car market is so hot, the role of national macroeconomic policies is very significant. The past two years in the global financial crisis, economic environment, the state in order to stimulate and boost domestic car consumption, issued a series of policies to stimulate car consumption, China's auto market, consumer market, the policy completely. Today, the domestic economic situation improved, automotive consumer demand and the potential rigidity gradually, the state should tighten up some of the relevant preferential policies. 2011 "Twelve five" first year, automobile consumption should ensure a steady, moderate growth, more emphasis on structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, good transition from the car power to a vehicle power starting work. We should appreciate the task ahead to complete sales, but car dealers, car market in 2011 may not be easy. After entering the fourth quarter, triggered by a series of agricultural prices as out of control like a wild horse. Saying people who, from the "garlic you vicious," "beans you play" to "Jiang your army", all kinds of daily necessities rose fast, it is people do not understand. For next year, experts predict that GDP growth will be down some 9.3%, but next year's CPI will be more than 3% throughout the year, and some even see higher to 4%. Overall economic growth rate next year, the situation is stabilized, and prices rise. From the point of view the current situation, Jiang Wenhui predicted that China's macro-economic policy in 2011 changed, money, credit, interest rate tightening and exchange rate will be fully carried out. If, as expected, then a small displacement purchase tax concessions, such as auto renewal policy is still likely to cancel next year. Plus consumption tax, fuel tax, travel tax, "Sales Order", and other unpredictable factors are intertwined, the slump in the automobile market is expected to increase next year. Purchase tax concessions, car trade and other stimulus cancellation, travel tax reform, once the city limits and other news car become a reality, for the new car market, which impacts may result in decreased growth rate; but second-hand car market, it is a development opportunity. Purchase tax incentives from the point of view, a long time, free used car purchase tax is one of the greatest selling point. Used car purchase tax plus depreciation and free, new car prices are often cheaper than many obvious advantages. But with the national introduction of vehicle purchase tax of 1.6 liters the following incentives to buy new cars about 1.6 liters of private savings from 3000 to 10,000 yuan in the expenditure by policy stimulus, new car sales increasingly popular. In contrast, second-hand car purchase tax free advantages in this respect does not exist, especially economy cars, at the policy front, consumers are more inclined to buy a new car. Once the abolition of purchase tax incentives, especially economy cars used cars will have the advantage of increased sales and prices are expected to rise further. On the other hand, due to the rapid growth in domestic car sales, the phenomenon of traffic congestion in many major cities is already very serious, major cities like Beijing, administration block has been imperative. Restriction that if introduced, will be more in the car when the cost of spending a small fortune. Whether the message is true, but this rumor has been on people's had an impact on consumer psychology. Beijing local consumers are ready to advance or have purchased vehicles from the end of October to the present, the sales of the automobile market. Which to some extent, the end of the second-hand car market will be suppressed, but the other options that the implementation of the Ming period, including the license transfer of ownership advantage in second-hand car out, when the second-hand car market will usher in a peak period, used car prices will With the rise. According to the China Automobile Dealers Association statistics previously released data show that second-hand cars, used the first 8 months this year, trading volume of 2,319,900 vehicles, an increase of 12.64%, second-hand car trading volume this year will reach 4 million. With the accelerated pace of change people are expected to second-hand car trading in China will appear the first time a "blowout" market, and the momentum of this blowout will continue to second-hand automobile market trading volume in 2015 will reach 12 million. Jiang Wenhui that second-hand car in the spring will be the occasion of the spring next year, a change in the past two years a number of preferential policies in the new car market trend deserted under pressure to enter the stage of rapid development, changes in national policy-oriented, so that free purchase tax, including the license transfer advantage in second-hand cars.
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