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Summertime car city is cool and refreshing new car clinchs a deal the quantity g

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Enter since June, as air temperature rise suddenly, the billow of billow of to be warm of the capital, give a person a kind of broiling and intolerable sense. But what form bright contrast to it is car market was entered however " aestivation period " , give a person a kind " cool " , " cool and refreshing " feeling. This kind " cool and refreshing " the feeling basically reflects in 3 respects: Come to an agreement of word of emperor tall coat] does condyle of earth of the eye that enter grade see joyous  of Ni of midge  Tuo cut rash archives some hill melt agree is barren of ⒔ of cut up with a hay cutter of O of ⒈ of ぁ of scull of Hua ど grapes stewed to hurt Huan of Mi of dice of earth of amine example eye before  of salary  locust?
Car of the couplet in Beijing trades what the data of sales volume statistic that the market provides showed city of near future car adequately also is insipid. This market selling quantity is the new car June 416, glide somewhat again than 486 photograph comparing May, glide extent is controlled in 15 % roughly.

Than in March, the height of car market sale April will tell, in May, sales volume glided June belong to normal category. But to why was sales volume compared June lower May, relevant controller knows couplet market in to basically have the following sides:

The torrid weather that was June caused people not to wish to issue a travel in burning sun sorching. Especially the first ten days of a month was mixed in June the last ten-day of a month, air temperature is as high as 37 ℃ above, the pedestrian on street face is very few, the person that because car market comes before this,sees a car is fewer little. In couplet market everyday guest discharge statistic also shows, every sky midday 11 when before reach afternoon 4 when the passenger flow that sees a car buy a car later is some more, period of time sees the figure of consumer rarely almost midday.

2 be relatively in March, April depreciate considerably sales promotion activity, in May, the car June depreciates extent already was reduced substantially, and depreciate cannot form dimensions, depreciating is individual manufacturer and individual model market adjust behavior only, already brought what do not have most customer to buy car desire, before together with month a lot of people invest money the stock market and fund. The sale of car market is accordingly cool also with respect to unavoidable.

3 it is the issuance with media and car ceaseless manufacturer a few second half of the year are new the car appears on the market the message of the respect, also caused to one part consumer wait-and-see wait for bought psychology, this is right also on certain level at present car city caused an effect.

Analysing afore-mentioned reasons while, this controller is special still put forward, because sales volume glides, at present Beijing car market has quite dealer of one part car is in protect this or deficit condition, this also more aggravate the intense competition degree between the businessman. Accordingly, the brand brand shop that company of production of car of second half of the year belongs to to oneself place undertakes conformity and partial agency are in intense market competition piece bureau, will be the thing of unavoidable.

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