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Of sedan hand in strong risk risk to spend will move on hopeful

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Active sedan 1050 yuan hand in strong risk risk to spend will move on hopeful. Recently, inspect is protected to meet in China on press conference of the 2nd quarter, news spokesman Yuan Li expresses, the meeting that keep watch will concern a section together, timely on tone falls limit of danger of strong danger responsibility, provide taller insurance safeguard for insurant. As we have learned, this is to protect inspect to be able to make known this position formally to will raise those who make strong narrow pass to keep the specified number first. Additional, from near future China a series of movements of the meeting that keep watch look, hand in strong danger to will appear fine tuning. Change to this, our newspaper reporter covered Shaanxi insurance relevant personage.
Protecting the forehead to rise is big trend

Hand in strong danger to stipulate accident maximum indemnity norm is 60000 yuan at present, among them, death disables maximum indemnity norm is 50000 yuan, maximum indemnity norm of medical treatment charge is 8000 yuan, belongings loss maximum indemnity norm is 2000 yuan. Such safeguard level is wide suffer doubt, if compensate pays limitation,make strong narrow pass too low, cannot safeguard the victim's cure and compensation, if there are many victims in traffic accident, so apportion comes down, earning compensates for everybody will very few.

Nevertheless, hand in strong danger to keep the specified number to when can rising, the reporter protects inspect bureau belongings to be sure to grow Shu Xiaohong to be in understanding to arrive everywhere from Shaanxi, at present Shaanxi has not receive China to protect inspect meets any concerning ask for or rise " hand in strong danger to keep the forehead or cost rate " announcement. A personage inside the insurance that does not wish to disclose a full name also expresses, they also hear of the meeting that keep watch from all sorts of channel will timely rise hand in strong danger to keep the specified number, but from " formal medium of communication " still did not get relevant announcement.

The personage inside this course of study expresses to the reporter, as economic income rise, " be the same as valence with the life " of the definition carry out, and the demur that social all circles pays amount to put forward to compensate, handing in what specified amount of risk of strong danger responsibility spends to rise had been hasten of general trends place. Nevertheless, must bear with economy of environment of situation of road transportation safety, traffic, masses because of liability limit ability photograph matchs, these are the elements that need integrated consideration. Accordingly, make strong risk system from initial stage build progressively and perfect need a process, the development trend in the future can be to keep the specified number only taller and taller, and cost rate is lower and lower, the experience of a few countries with hand in strong danger to develop better and area proved this.
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