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Hand in strong danger to lift billows again 900 cars advocate shape is accused k

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900 cars advocate shape tells the meeting that keep watch material of one case lawsuit by go back, express to will reconsider a program continue to be able to appeal to keeping watch through administration on behalf of lawyer Liu Jiahui.
Afterwards " 40 billion sudden huge profits says " , " 30 % float leads disturbance " later, china is sure to control administrative committee (the following abbreviation protects inspect to meet) be placed to spotlight again. This the lawyer to rise in revolt of the meeting that keep watch is the lawyer Liu Jiahui that comes from office of Beijing Derun's attorney. According to reporter understanding, already had nearly 900 cars at present advocate entrust Liu Jiahui to offer suit to the court, the requirement protects inspect to the cost rate of can strong to handing in danger is formed and expend process of rate collate and stipulate to hold hearing of witnesses. And the Beijing that begins strong to handing in danger the earliest to be oppugned somewhat head Sun Yong of letter attorney office's lawyer thinks however " did not rise in liability limit before, application leads hearing of witnesses to cost, it is to approve this liability limit undoubtedly, acquiescent the blemish of this product " , accordingly he more the position rises the maximum indemnity norm that makes strong narrow pass. Our newspaper reporter interviewed Liu Jiahui and Sun Yong through the phone for a short while two lawyers.

Liu Jiahui: Advocate insurance cost of strong to handing in danger is made undertake hearing of witnesses

Liu Jiahui's indictment referred Beijing on June 11 court of the first intermediate people. At that time, she acts as agent concerned regulation of doctrine of license of administration of basis of policy-holder of 156 motor vehicle puts forward to hand in strong danger hearing of witnesses to apply for to the meeting that keep watch. She asks forensic cancel protects inspect to be able to be made (2007) 112 " the reply that permits application of hearing of witnesses about administration of compulsory insurance of liability of accident of motor vehicle traffic " , adjudicate the meeting that keep watch to be made afresh hand in strong danger administration to permit answer of hearing of witnesses.

The reporter is informed when calling Liu Jiahui on July 11, at present client already increased to about 900 people. For managing lawsuit resource, liu Jiahui from inside client draw-out 3 cars advocate masterpiece is accuser, represent all vehicles advocate to institute proceedings.

"I think this lawsuit does not have reason to lose a lawsuit. " Liu Jiahui says to the reporter in the phone, "Will analyse from legal angle, to major difficulty the letter seeks a case, party can offer application of hearing of witnesses; The letter visits mechanism to think to be necessary, also can hold open hearing of witnesses, in order to assure the settlement of the problem the process is open and transparent. This is the country gifts the basic rights and interests of every citizen, so we put forward hearing of witnesses to hand in rate of strong danger cost to establish a procedure set accord with law. So we put forward hearing of witnesses to hand in rate of strong danger cost to establish a procedure set accord with law..
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