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Hand in strong danger to lift billows again 900 cars advocate shape is accused k

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Car advocate sound: Support, but do not participate in

Fly degree of car advocate the word of Mr Zhu represented most vehicle probably advocate aspirations: "I support a man of insight to unreasonable code byelaw undertakes dimension authority acts, but myself won't be participated in possibly among them, it is dimension above all authority action needs to give a lot of time, the 2nd my need refers by force to handing in nearly in the round. For the insurance cost of these more than 1000 money, want to expend so much time and energy, I think undeserved. I think undeserved..

Insurance company: Hand in strong danger to drive other business to be sure to cast protect

According to the report, chief expresses related the Beijing insurance guild that is in charge of Beijing area handing in strong risk data to manage, handing in strong danger to manage a principle is not gain not deficit, insurance company makes the account that has an independence by force nearly, do not bring into the accrual of insurance company, undertake supervisory by the meeting that keep watch.

When the reporter calls expert of insurance of PICC some car, got with afore-mentioned same arguments. Hand in strong danger to be planted nearly as national legal, unlike general business insurance, no matter be defray or income, undertake administrative by independent finance account, all do not bring into the accrual system of insurance company.

"To insurance representative company, the acting poundage that the meeting that keep watch sets is 4 % only, but commerce is safe and highest can amount to 15 % , so company of general insurance representative is not to be willing to do very much make strong narrow pass. And to large insurance company character, be engaged in handing in strong risk business to have some ' do sth for sb business ' property, besides the gain that surrenders by the regulation, all profit are put in independent finance account, be similar to built pool of fund of a safeguard, insurance company is non-privileged employ. " this expert expresses.

Introduce according to this expert, countrywide car is sure to maintaining the growth of two digit this year, hand in strong danger to have meritorious service greatly among them. Although insurance company is not direct from hand in strong danger to gain profit how many, but the business that because the client is bought,make strong narrow pass and drives is sure to cast protecting is part of danger of car of each big insurance company is main seek profits dot. "Because make strong narrow pass safeguard is not tall, almost all client still can choose 9 commerce to be sure to undertake casting protecting. " this expert is analysed.

Reporter observation: Who is being stolen happy?

At the beginning of handing in strong danger to carry out, have any doubt to its without the person, everybody is to feel the expenses that raise a car rose again at most, but this 1000 come a money is unchallenged to the person that any buys a car. Then, handed in strong danger to cross most staticly with respect to so smooth calm year. Till this year the lawyer raised doubt to its April, a lot of issue that makes strong narrow pass just is exposed come out. Of course, the courage of Sun Yong's lawyer and Liu Jiahui's lawyer is really laudable, "Civilian accuse a government "
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