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Hand in strong danger to lift billows again 900 cars advocate shape is accused k

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This kind of lawsuit that does not see more is hit also is not so easy, but this mirrorred common people at least people had begun can due to oneself rights and interests to undertake reflection, from this angle for, this is a favour.

Should solve what in making strong danger issue, appear all sorts of contradiction, best method or " conversion thinks " . Concerned branch wants to consider a car more when policy sets related formulate advocate people can encounter what kind of difficulty, probably the problem can get relatively appropriate is solved. After all, those who make legal laws and regulations is a person, hard to avoid can have the problem that the consideration is less than, the angle that does not stand in an average consumer goes examining the byelaw code that drafts afresh, cannot discover the problem is in. Same, if average consumer always is opposite " code, byelaw " express " accept chronically " , can acquiesce about the branch so be is to do not have a problem, won't want how to be improved more.

In addition, on the issue that makes strong narrow pass, two big lawyers take on for public rights and interests the leading role of authority removing safeguard, courage but assist, spirit is laudable. But Liu Jiahui of no less than writes in him rich guest in that way, "I and Sun Lv division can say is be of one mind, but not cooperative. " go up in the view of a few problems and practice so, two people produced difference. It is difference only originally, call media to be fried, became " inside bottle " . If two big lawyers are busy to the people, media " clear the air " , the practice to the other side " open fire ceaselessly " , anxious is broad car advocate, stealing happy is two people's so common spearhead indicates.

Hand in strong danger memorabilia

China protected inspect to be able to begin formally to carry out compulsory insurance of liability of accident of motor vehicle traffic on July 1, 2006 (abbreviation makes strong narrow pass) , after July 1, 2006, did not cast by the regulation protect make strong narrow pass and paste or carry the motor vehicle that falls strong danger mark not to get start off.

The car boat royalities that continued nearly 21 years on June 11, 2007 stops to collect, those who replace is will make strong narrow pass at be being followed since July 1, 2007 together the duty of new car boat of pay, upper limit of pay the amount of tax to be paid will rise on average one times the left and right sides.

On June 28, 2007 " float of rate of cost of compulsory insurance of liability of accident of motor vehicle traffic is provisional method " announce, 6 big factors are involved hand in strong danger to expend rate float, do not violate behavior link up with with traffic temporarily, began to carry out on July 1, 2007.

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