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The car customer that buys Che Jiucheng 2 times considers to change a brand

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This year first half of the year the smooth growth of car market, buy car deed 2 times of profit from consumer greatly. It is reported, the scale that car market buys car customer 2 times rises rapid, be close to the scale that buys car crowd first almost, car city is entered in the round transfer height. To whole automobile industry, transfer the arrival of the height is a favour, but the difficulty of car city dense that also highlights a consumer to be deficient in brand loyalty generally to spend at the same time.

Concerned investigation shows, when buying a car 2 times, major customer chooses no longer the first time the brand that the place that buy a car buys. Manufacturer and agency are tarry client efforts in last few years, have effect hard it seems that.
Buy a car 2 times

90 % consumer plans to change a brand

"According to our investigation, the customer that 90 % buy a car 2 times chooses to buy the brand that chooses when the car first no longer, consumer brand loyalty spends lot severe crisis. " this month the car market information of the middle ten days of a month communicates on the meeting, the what one says during a conversation of Su Hui of general manager of market of car of Beijing Ya Yun Cun lets a person feel open-eyed fully. But this is not exaggerate sth just to scare people absolutely. According to concerning orgnaization investigation, the consumer that considers to buy a brand first only when transfer or buying the 2nd car has 10 % , and took no account of the customer that buys a brand first to achieve 18 % however absolutely, in the brand that includes to be bought first inside the customer that has choosing in several brands occupies 35 % . The investigation that buys car behavior customer to already was being finished 2 times shows, bought finally with buy a car first the consumer of same brand occupies 10 % only, the customer that great majority buys a car 2 times changed brand.

4 big factors

Hit consumer brand confidence

The personage inside course of study thinks, below complex market situation, 4 big factors hit the brand confidence of consumer, show brand loyalty to spend the crisis thereby.

The first reason is, new car puts in speed faster and faster, let consumer cross-stitch work eye, abet consumer " chase after new " psychology. As we have learned, appear on the market first half of the year this year new car amount still maintains growth, this makes consumer faces more choices when buying a car 2 times. The abundance of market product, one party faces Yu Fanrong the market, deepen competition, raise service level to have profit, the customer that lets do not mature very originally on the other hand buys a car more " give a lot of care " , "Chase after new " psychology exceeded the faithfulness to the brand to spend.

The 2nd reason depends on each model depreciating often. The disorder of market price case for the consumer to buying a car first, may remove aggravate to hold money to need bought action. For the customer that buys a car to 2, if oneself are bought for the first time the model often depreciates, can harm consumer badly the confidence to this brand. When buying a car the 2nd times, nature won't buy this brand model.
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