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The Ministry of Public Security implements new rule: Card of solid on July 1 dri

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The Ministry of Public Security allotted recently " service masses 16 measure " , plate is lifelong make this one will be carried out at rising on July 1. And according to go to already policy, the car discards as useless time signal card wants to call in. Branch of policeman of city of Guangdong province, Guangzhou all expresses about the personage, will make specific executive plan in detail.
"The car that this policy buys lucky number to contest advocate, perhaps like oneself the car of original plate advocate for it is a good news for certain. " management department says about the personage, number plate is lifelong making is the administrative method that human nature changes. Total fleet of pointsman of province Public Security Department concerns personage opinion, name brand is lifelong make advantageous to masses, procedure is simple, will original material passes new car can.

As we have learned, " service masses 16 measure " will divide a phase to execute, carry out since July 1 among them 10 measure, include: Conduction car is registered register, time limit of nuclear hair driver's license is shortened by 5 weekday for 2 weekday; After motor vehicle discards as useless, motor vehicle everybody can apply for to continue to use primary motor vehicle by the regulation name brand number; Traffic cause trouble escapes the victim of the case and its relative can inquire to management department of transportation of public security mechanism case detect does a circumstance to wait.

The main measure that implements since September 1 includes: After traffic accident put on record, when party is accepting the branch that make a valve to enquire, can entrust a lawyer to show up please; The lawyer can consult, the relevant testimony material of accident of traffic of duplicate, cento; The prefecture where the provincial capital is located in city of municipality directly under the Central Government, provincial capital, municipality sheet of city, plan lists city, the means self-help such as the computer that try out applicant perhaps sets in place of registration of vehicles through phone of message of Internet, tone makes an appointment the exam

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