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Stride globalization from car of Great Wall of capital internationalization proc

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Recently, great Wall car with net profit 703 million yuan, every accrual is mixed 0.74 yuan net assets yield the outstanding outstanding achievement of 15.76 % , flourish is ascended " first China has value car most kind appear on the market company a list of names posted up head " . Be being chosen this is evaluate lab and association of Chinese car journalist to combine research organization of banking of much home negotiable security by Chinese car, last a period of time 4 months, according to 103 cars kind appear on the market company (contain H) index of main and financial data undertakes annals statistic, collect, expert is evaluated integratedly and reach.

Among them, give a mark with scholar of the expert inside yield of every net profit, accrual, net assets and course of study regard an evaluation as the standard, can real report car kind appear on the market the development dimensions of the company and management state, because this has scientific sex and authority.
Before before long, h of Great Wall Hong Kong add send make a great coup, collect capital 1.609 billion HK dollar. Since Hong Kong of Great Wall car appears on the market, already two collect capital, in all collect 3.3 billion much HK dollar. So far, what the Great Wall is in Hong Kong is current than also by 27% add to 37.7% . Add hair hind this, great Wall total capital stock is 1.095 billion, total market prise is achieved 12.9 billion. Concerned personage is analysed accordingly, borrow this to increase the chance of hair, achieve the goal that conforms with international capital further, it is the greatest desire of layer of management of Great Wall car.

Management quality is approbated by abroad shareholder

As a result of mechanism and historical reason, company of civilian battalion car is perplexed generally by capital problem place. But rather he company of civilian battalion car is different, great Wall car appears on the market from Hong Kong hind, had walked out of the predicament of capital thoroughly.

Great Wall car was in Hong Kong in December 2003 H advocate board hang out his shingle formally, the civilian battalion car that makes domestic head home appear on the market outside the condition is truckload enterprise. At that time, concept of car of battalion of the countryman in regarding as echo is all-time and enthusiastic, exceed the market to anticipate far, part of open raise capital by floating shares is obtained above quota subscribe 682 times.

"The Great Wall at the outset abroad appear on the market, probably the ill will that part is acclaimed by the concept; Today's Great Wall is added hair, complete however system reveals investor to grow to Great Wall car of gender and development latent capacity approbate. " an automobile group public figure is analysed so.

It is reported, in H add during hair subscribe eagerly, the Great Wall gets of investor of world-famous large orgnaization chase after hold in both hands, inside a few hours by overseas investor subscribe one sky. Among them the Alliance(of United States of firm of the 2nd large investment installs the whole world couplet) subscribe 57 million, sufficient report gives investor to grow to Great Wall car of gender and development latent capacity approbate.
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