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Stride globalization from car of Great Wall of capital internationalization proc

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Before this, own reserves of Great Wall car 28 100 million, hong Kong H add hair financing 1.609 billion HK dollar. The hand holds the 40 many cash of 100 million, can of Great Wall car says home runs the car company with best quality.

Great Wall car is manufacturer of major of China's biggest Pi Ka, SUV, having successive 10 old fast growth and gain outstanding achievement, through development of ten years, company dimensions expanded 40 multiple, total assets enlarged 2800 times. Since 2004, the Great Wall early or late selected " Chinese civilian battalion appears on the market company 10 strong " , " Chinese enterprise 500 strong " , " Chinese industry business 500 strong " , " China is made, China is mechanical 500 strong " etc, entered last year " Forbes " " Chinese top company 100 a list of names posted up " . Current, this company does not have loan, without indebted, cash shedding loop is good, these are abroad shareholder subscribe eagerly immediate cause.

Internationalization idea is in capital product globalization

More people criterion this H Great Wall car add hair, regard its as the one part of internationalization strategy. Wei Jianjun also agrees with this viewpoint, he expresses, add again endowment can absorb international capital and experience, attract more and overseas investor to participate in, can make full use of thereby platform of international market financing, to develop infuse energy greatly next.

Brand of Chinese own car in recent years development expands increasingly, each company is on internationalization strategy in succession, for a short while, attend international car to exhibit, exit, abroad build a plant, make a kind of trend, great Wall car is not exceptional also. Current, this company product sells past whole world 108 countries, realize what batch exports to be as high as 70 among them many countries. 2006, fact of Great Wall car exports many 30 thousand now, exit is achieved collect 200 million much dollar, compare respectively on year grew 90% above.

However, exit is the first pace that moves toward internationalization merely. If why make on the foundation here overseas strategy Xiang Quanfang depth develops, it is the problem that domestic company faces generally, also be the problem that Great Wall person thinks all the time, this makes them otherer car company is stridden more quickly on internationalization pace. Now, great Wall car already from in the past " pure truckload commerce " turn for " make overseas market systematically " , involve brand construction, sale and service network to extend, peripheral of technical output, sea assembles a factory to wait for a purpose to spread out.

The internationalization of capital market, just be an enterprise the mark of complete internationalization. accordingly, many domestic Motor Corporation to abroad appear on the market have a special liking. But capital market and car market are same, it is the truth of confront the tough with toughness, successful, decide by the management quality of the enterprise and core competition ability, if the enterprise does not have the actual strength that calls noisily, step down smoothly on this road hard likewise.
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