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Stride globalization from car of Great Wall of capital internationalization proc

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Analyse from this, the Great Wall a hair 2003 and today's adding hair success is not accidental. In car company of China, great Wall car is not the oldest, but its manage quality is the first of all however, what this already got industry is accepted. Great Wall car can do a job with skill and ease of overseas capital market, with its good outstanding achievement has the concern that does not divide.

Prospective lock decides a car, whole world of same fixed position

To the utility of this collect capital, wei Jianjun says, at present Great Wall car is coming true to span greatly, produce can promote 500 thousand to 2010 by many 30 of present, 200 thousand cars produce base to want to throw production immediately, we plan to was produced 2010 can want to achieve 500 thousand, sales revenue achieves 30 billion yuan, 3 years accumulative total invests future 10 billion yuan, among them car new setting throws 30 100 million, new product research and development throws 30 100 million, construction of base of component of form a complete set throws 40 100 million. Construction of base of component of form a complete set throws 40 100 million..

At present successful already research and development gives this company 5 cars and a MPV, "Demon " , " dazzle beautiful " , " cruel is ursine " , " I7 " , 4 drive confuse your SUV, MPV " fine praise " . The first car " Great Wall demon " will be in the whole world appeared on the market in August.

And analyse according to personage of know the inside story, nearly two years, great Wall car all knows to the loving inside and outside of the car, somebody is used even " the act first and report afterwards " will describe its pressing to this mood. Although have not take the car that approves to the country at present " birth certificate " , but the thing that its enter car industry is morning and evening.

Concerned evidence shows, the Great Wall is obtained " birth certificate " time is likely too won't long. From the point of the activity of nearly a few months, the country has paid close attention to this matter in height about the branch, saw Great Wall car " total feeling is to have an outlook, aftereffect makes a person hearten " !

March, china is held in Russia " Chinese country is exhibited " , chairman Hu Jintao waits for national leader group, the key visited Great Wall car to exhibit a stage, state the Russia that backs Great Wall car energetically invests a project; In April, bao Xi of minister of Department of Commerce is reached to see Great Wall car in succession about leader in the center of, understood its to grow circumstance and month of;5 of prospective development program in detail, national hair changes appoint concerned controller makes an on-the-spot investigation to Great Wall car, express " the outlet that Chinese auto industry expands depends on ethical capital and privately owned capital enter " . According to the analysis, this is the unspoken words in a play left to the understanding of the audience or reader of doorsill of car of stride of Great Wall car likely very.
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