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North shows fittings of play chess of square rich of China and foreign countries

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As a result of, company of Beijing's contemporary upriver component form a complete set, basically belong to Korea contemporary share perhaps accuses enterprise, in Beijing the case with contemporary rare with each passing day profit falls, foreign Korea is contemporary scored rich and generous gain through enlarging component of advanced position of scale of production, control to purchase the value however. Begin from the year before last year, domestic public opinion is contemporary to Korea this censures ceaseless all the time.

"We find Yilante competitive model Shanghai is general triumphant jump over purchase price list to undertake comparative " , zhang Liang says, "Discover Yi Lan purchases cost outclass especially triumphant more. It is OK to depreciate, upper reaches purchases the price to want according to triumphant the level that exceed undertakes. " Beijing is contemporary in the premise that square requirement depreciates is to purchase cost to drop considerably, will ensure joint-stock company profit.

Subsequently, both sides begins endless negotiation, because Han Fang attitude is tough, negotiation at a stand.

Han Fang is forced to compromise

Enter after May, of Han Fang " Ma Jinuo line of defence " break down thoroughly.

At the beginning of May, sales volume rank announced home in April, ten months come to sales volume of Yi Lan spy to drop first defeat 10 thousand, sold 8000 the left and right sides only, beijing is contemporary historic drop before going out 10.

The market calls Beijing contemporary stage a comeback

Right now, once created " contemporary speed " Beijing is contemporary the blot out the sky and cover up the earth doubt that feels the external world. Social public opinion exclamations: "Is Beijing contemporary this what course to follow? "Is Beijing contemporary this what course to follow??

Outstanding achievement malformation lets the 9 anger of annals Zheng Meng in the whole world unceasingly. A vice-chairman of general affairs of China of contemporary be assigned personal responsibility for visits Korea Beijing is contemporary, beijing is contemporary a be in charge of meets a member attend the meeting, vice-chairman before in the side that just runs a layer expresses, if Beijing is contemporary it is good that outstanding achievement still disappears, requirement Beijing contemporary Han Fang two high levels finish class.

Meanwhile, "Zheng Meng the 9 data that will report Chinese business in Korea fell directly on the ground. " report of a Beijing contemporary staff he hears the case that come.

To Zheng Meng 9 for, chinese market is modern to Korea before ascend body whole world 5 crucial, in the plan with contemporary Korea, to 2010 Chinese market wants 1 million to sell contemporary car.

Beijing contemporary Han just manages a compromise.

During this, negotiation of Sino-South Korean either is done not have discontinuous, falling greatly about purchasing cost still is the mainest topic for discussion. The be in charge of of eve was met on May 18 on, can no more bear sufferring Han Fang management the layer is helpless sign, promise to reduce purchase cost. Yi Lan purchases cost especially to be reduced directly 8% , this one achievement delivers a gleam of quickly, that day, beijing is contemporary announce through agency Yilante is started depreciate politic. This means 4 years to come to Beijing contemporary reduce the effort that purchases cost to win preliminary victory.
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