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China morning car sells make up the deficits and get surpluses of 146 thousand i

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Arrived again the phase of metaphase check. " daily economy news " yesterday from course of study inside " a dark horse " Hua Chen respect learns, before this year 6 months, china morning car sells 146 thousand, successive sale of 6 month in and month out exceeds 10 thousand, grow 58 % compared to the same period, the company realizes make up the deficits and get surpluses first.
Occupy additionally divulge, the product line of car of class A of China morning car that laid a foundation on April 18, go into operation will build in the end of the year, this action hopeful makes the point of growth with China morning new car.

China morning car the amplitude of 58 % , of its overseas market extend result cannot do not have. Sign oddly greatly as network ground dilate and Europe of China morning car, Russia, 2007 first half of the year, china morning car is abroad the market is truckload exit amounts to 7000, grow 125% compared to the same period.

Although was in Europe to encounter " collision door " incident, dan Huachen's sale was not affected at present. It is reported, hua Chen sells car of 3000 China of past Europe at present, early days already put the market on 500, sell give 350, china car sold a net to already entered Belgium by Germany. In the meantime, exported agreement of biscuit of 80 thousand sea lion 5 years with what Russia empire trading company reachs March, the end of the year will sell 5000 this year.

Occupy Hua Chen additionally some high level discloses, china morning car enters American market business affairs to negotiate to go well at present, advocate hit a product to be 1.8T honour gallop car, having all sorts of tests. If adopt American standard, export volume will export European dimensions more than.

It is reported, to the end of 2007, china morning car year sales volume strives to achieve 300 thousand goal, year sales revenue achieves 40 billion yuan of above, implementation translates a goal the first times one time, to arrive 2010, implementation is truckload sales volume 500 thousand, sales revenue 80 billion yuan of above, implementation searchs target ground the 2nd times one time.

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