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Shenyang Campbell Taiwan is expected to become second-hand car distribution cent

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    April 24, from Shenyang Municipal People's Government, the China Automobile Dealers Association's "The Second China (Northeast) second-

hand car trade fair" second-hand car market in Shenyang (Campbell Taiwan) grand opening. Compared to the first

Fair, the second the number of exhibitors participating vehicles and more transactions and more popular. It is understood that the opening

day alone, over 838 second-hand car trading volume, turnover more than 30 million yuan.
24 am, Campbell sets the used car market 11 million square meters of indoor and outdoor exhibition hall, a total of 3820 exhibitors new and

used cars and the audience. Land Rover, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, and other senior British Fei Dini used car brand

Everything, Jetta, Excelle, Santana variety of economic models is a sufficient number. The 1903 annual Rolls-Royce, the old Ford, Mercedes-

Benz 300K, and the Qing Dynasty antique classic cars and classic cars to bicycles, and other collections show

Brought a bright spot, attracting a large number of guests and their pictures taken.

    Second-hand car market, according to deputy general manager of Campbell Taiwan Hou, due to the launch of the exhibition period (24 to 30)

free trade transfer tax policy, attracting large number of consumers eager to buy. According to incomplete statistics, only 24 day

, The number of exhibitors reached 3 to 5 million people. One of the dealers from Jilin to carry out within 10 minutes to 6 sets of used cars

sold. Campbell sets from statistical data on second-hand car market, the Second China (Northeast) used car

Trade Fair is only 24, one day, a total of 838 units used car volume, turnover 32.705 million yuan.

    Circulation Association China Yuan Bo, vice president of the Shenyang and placed high on hope: He said he hoped that by holding fair

second-hand car, to further develop and establish the second-hand cars in Shenyang in the northeast and central distribution hub in the role

and place

Bit. Yuan Bo said at present, most of used cars in Shenyang from first-tier cities in the near future, Shenyang will become a distribution

center in Northeast second-hand car, second-hand cars to achieve self-sufficiency, and to promote the three northeastern provinces and the

southern region the flow of vehicles


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