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Ways for you to sell used cars

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As incomes rise, car market, the rich models, many car owners to change the second car of the time. Then replace the hands of second-hand

car, what method is most appropriate?

Chinese city of Changchun City, used car used car replacement and processing methods were interviews, found that most owners deal with used

cars in three ways: direct scrap, used car trade, 4S shop replacement, which were used

Car trading is the main way, but the rise from 2006 4S shop replacement business, with worry, save trouble, the advantage of high prices, is

becoming more private car owners for their own way of updating.

But not directly subsidized retirement benefits

Currently, second-hand car and updating the most direct way than directly to the car is scrapped, although the state began to implement a

"car trade-in implementation of the measures," and in the way of life vehicles regulations, the state subsidies given to certain

Amount, but many private car owners are not willing to accompany their friends for years to direct "end" at the same time, the application

scrapped subsidies and profits of selling used cars or can not be compared.

The reporters found that second-hand car market is not currently sell the vehicle of last resort, usually the owner will not opt for direct


Second-hand car market in trouble and trouble

Reporter Qimao City, Changchun Automotive Cultural Park used-car market survey found that the current used car market is very prosperous, a

day to sell, buy used car lot of people, but the acquisition of second-hand car market, were mostly

People "car traders," given the price for the same vehicles are not the same person with a car given the price difference between the

acquisition of up to 5,000 yuan or 10,000 yuan, which is a headache to many private car owners. Just a couple of days ago

Mazda 6 owners to sell, told reporters: "My Mazda 6 has opened a 5-year though, but each time maintenance is very timely, no big collision,

driving nearly 10 million km, but usually do not understand the used car market situation

Conditions, so in 'car stall' in the highest offer only 11 million, and even some 9 million given the price. After several transactions

before they sell really bother and trouble. "

4S shop car replacement car dealers the most peace of mind

In 2006, Changchun City, the rise of car replacement parts 4S shop business in 2008, most of the 4S shop has its own car replacement

business, 4S stores this year, the replacement of many of the scale is very big business. At present, Changchun

Toyota City, Jinshan 4S stores, Huayang Group, the red car industry group, the wide Greenfield store, Kwong Fung into the state through the

open area stores, Changchun East Central Lexus 4S shop, Dongfeng Peugeot 4S stores, Jilin Province Flag Swiss automobile 4S stores have a

very complete

Prepared car replacement business. Toyota Jinshan Li Zhenchun 4S store marketing manager, told reporters: "At present, Toyota Jinshan 4S

stores more than 100 vehicles every month on a comprehensive assessment of used cars, nearly 20 car owners will choose to sell directly

In addition, nearly 20 owners will choose car replacement, with the beginning of 2006 than when the purposes of this business, has been

greatly changed. The 4S shop car replacement is different from the used-car market, in the 4S shops can choose to be either

Assessment, not sell cars, you can also choose to sell your car or directly converted into a new car, we do a lot of really easy replacement

for the car owners. "

4S shop car replacement ratio with the second-hand car market, the biggest advantage is the price of 4S stores can give specifications, and

updating a new car easy, credibility is high. 4S shop for a replacement to the owner, told reporters: "At first I would like to

And friends, will now get the car to sell second-hand car market, and back a new car. However, given the price of car traders are always too

low, but can not guarantee the credibility, I would like to buy a new car again. 4S shop to look at a new car

When found, the original 4S stores have also launched a car replacement business, compared to the individual, the more convinced I am sure

the service and credibility of the 4S shop, as long as I like Which car to 4S store to the appropriate replacement, less than a week can

To mention a new car, really convenient. "

Contrast the above three methods used car replacement, some experts believe that direct scrapped, to second-hand car market dealers, for

private car owners, it is not very convenient, but also in financial loss is relatively large, while the 4S shop launched

The car replacement business with norms, good reputation and replace their fleets of convenience, certain members of the public in the coming

years will be the first choice for trading in used cars.



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