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Do not buy a used car auto insurance transfer

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Buy used cars, auto insurance most painful thing was to transfer, although the procedure is not troublesome, but buyers are often overlooked,

resulting in unnecessary losses. After this year's National Day, this situation will be improved, according to new "

Insurance Law, "second-hand car trade, car insurance will take the vehicle without transfer. In addition, auto insurance terms, insurance and

other aspects of the process will occur with the implementation of the new law a significant change.

21, General Insurance Association of Jilin Province, the right to interview, Wong said that as the "Insurance Law" the biggest change, the

introduction of the new law will curb the insurance company to some extent the competition between the disorder, especially

The price war in the fight against auto insurance will play a decisive role.

Sales are not allowed to "own money"

Following the 2002 amendments, the latest version of the "Insurance Law" after the seventh meeting of the Eleventh National People's Congress

examined and adopted the third time, officially promulgated, and will be starting October 1 this year, the formal implementation.

21, a long-term work in the property insurance industry Liu told reporters that the changes involved in many aspects is unprecedented. New

"Insurance Law" on the insurance company and its staff, insurance agents, insurance

Broker and its employees to give their own money to the conduct of the insured bound rebate. The past, a lot of sales to "own money" to seek

more premium income in the form of the future this situation will be effectively improved.

Mr. Liu said that there has been in the insurance industry in an act of normal insurance salesman will subsidize a portion of royalty income

to the policyholder, so the insured can purchase more affordable to the appropriate auto insurance premium.

The introduction of the new law to avoid the "out of their pocket," the possible existence of the original large number of policyholders in

insurance salesman and hidden between the transaction will be banned, but more important is that the insurance market will be further


Disclaimer take the initiative to inform

Who bought insurance have had the experience of fear, one looks very simple insurance contract, read in detail will find that there are many

do not understand the terms, especially those hard to pronounce and difficult to read the Disclaimer

. If not a professional, I believe that very few people can fathom the true meaning.

In this case, the new "Insurance Law" also made the corresponding changes, as insurance salesman did not take the initiative to introduce

Disclaimer insured, which led to occurrence of the insured person's behavior within the exemption clause, which are not insurance companies

Secretary of compensation, this will be effectively controlled. Mandatory provisions of this act to make the new law to require insurance

companies to make enough to cause the insured must pay attention to the prompts, and clearly written or oral form, or

Disclaimer will not take effect.

"For example, auto insurance in the spontaneous combustion risk, insurance and other rare wading insurance, usually not included in the full

range of insurance, so most owners not covered by insurance. And in the event of such incidents, the safe harbor provisions of the insurance

company, the owner can not be

Compensation. "Mr. Liu said the new law, due to the insurance agents are not orally inform the accident occurred outside the terms of the

insurance company also must give appropriate compensation for the insured.

Auto insurance price war era farewell

In fact, in addition to insurance agents and insurance provisions made adjustments, the new "Insurance Law" on the insurance process, used

car trading behavior also made significant changes, changes in the large unprecedented.

One of the most interesting change is the future to buy used cars, car insurance buyers do not have to transfer and run around, used car

trade, car insurance will take the vehicle no longer need to handle the transfer procedures. Under the new "Insurance Law"

Insurance relevant articles of the subject matter of the transfer, the transferee will succeed to insured's rights and obligations of the


Mr. Liu said, applied to the auto insurance in auto insurance and car can be understood with the completion of the transfer, without further

transfer application for insurance, but the two parties will be obliged to promptly notify the insurance company transfer event. "Because not

to do

Auto insurance which led to exclusions transfer management situations have occurred, since this is basically to prevent, reduce disputes with

the insurance company owner. "Mr. Liu said.

General Insurance Association of Jilin Province, Wang Zhong, the right to think that the new law will fundamentally solve the large numbers

in China's insurance market, the disorderly competition and other issues. The original insurance company clients in order to compete, at the

low discount

Deduction for premiums, the insurance market disorder, the introduction of the new law is expected to fully contain auto insurance price war.

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