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Buy used cars online half price of new truck was originally a fake cheated

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Published online by credulous transfer of information second-hand forklifts, September 3, Dezhou Economic Development Zone, a company with less than half the market price of purchased from Beijing a "force" brand forklifts, forklift transported to the company did not think of no Act normal use, no fruit in the multi-seller after finding report. October 27, police recovered more than 36,000 yuan will be cheated vehicles be returned to the company. "We did not expect so soon deceived the car models on the back, was so grateful Police comrade! "Development of a German company purchaser City Manager Zhang said excitedly. Early September, the company commissioned by the purchase of forklift Manager Zhang, Texas, a supply and demand his Web site to see a transfer of information used forklifts for sale:" I The company due to restructuring, project tender, is clearing stock on the new forklift 4 (3 tons 4 tons 6 tons), with a price close to the factory price of 50%, 3 tons of 36,000 yuan / sets, 4 tons of 45,000 yuan / sets, 6 t 90,000 yuan / Taiwan. Wang required Units or individuals come to call contact rate. Procedures are complete, a limited number available on all flights. "3-ton forklift market price at around 65,000 yuan, 36,000 yuan and sold here, then contact the seller zhang Liu. After consultations, Manager Zhang Chaoyang District, Beijing with people to meet with Liu, paid for the goods after inspection, and put the machine back to Texas. I did not expect to return to factory technicians found that the truck did not work Use. Careful examination revealed that the so-called "force" brand truck, that was scrapped by the motley crew of assembled forklift parts, forklift truck round the back seat and perfusion of the cement, so the weight is closer to authentic. After receiving the report, Dezhou Economic Development Zone Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Team by Jizhen means locked Liu and Shimou suspects, and that they will be in the October 15 trading a new forklift. Economic Investigation Brigade quickly organized police rushed to Beijing, and in coordination with local police, arrested at 15 pm into the place of waiting. Unexpectedly, the cunning criminal suspects has also changed the time to 16, responsible for the arrest of Police of dry Police arrest sites adhere overnight, and finally in at 10:00 on October 16, the suspects are being traded Liu and Shimou captured. After Tu Shen, Liu and Shimou used part of their assembly with a forklift fraud confessed to the crime. Liu confessed that he provided to the deceived and victimized, "Anhui Heli Co., Ltd." qualified forklift Certificate of quality assurance, maintenance manuals, motor vehicle sales uniform invoices, etc., is to spend 200 yuan to buy the fake documents. At present, Liu and Shimou has been under criminal detention. Police remind the purchase forklifts and other heavy machinery like, be sure from the informal or formal manufacturers to buy second-hand car market, purchase the best in the expertise to carefully test the product. In addition, the Internet is now used Trading information was mixed, carefully identified, so as not to be deceived.
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