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Second-hand automobile market to adjust the travel tax calm

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Travel Tax is seeking views on the draft. Reporters yesterday in second-hand car market survey found that sellers and car buyers were not interested in the draft. A vendor said with a smile: "They changed them, how to sell but also how we sell. " "The car's still going to buy" October 29, "Travel Tax Law (draft)," the official public comment. The draft will be divided into 7 passenger gradient, in accordance with the displacement of the tax levy amount from the previous adjustment of 60-660 yuan to 60 yuan to 5400 Dollars. 2.0L displacement models in which more than a substantial increase in tax rate. Huaxiang reporter yesterday visited the used car market. Requirements for the new travel tax, used car dealer does not seem to pay attention, most people have not heard that to increase. "We are only responsible for introducing the vehicle condition, age and price, insurance and taxes are the things to consider themselves to buy a car." A major operation to 2.0L 1.6L cars dealer told the Beijing Morning Post reporter, small-displacement cars tax Even if the increased fees, will rise at most a few hundred dollars a year, the cost of keeping a car basically did not change much. "Even if the travel tax hike, the people would buy a car buy a car." A dealer said, in addition to previously low-emission vehicle purchase tax preferential policies, it also did not encounter customers to buy different emission rate of the car. Howard not concerned about selling cars Some industry sources, 1.6L to 2.0L displacement models of the tax increase by only 300 yuan, it does little effect. Surprisingly, luxury car dealers do not care for travel tax hike. Luxury sport utility vehicle in a business dealer stores, told reporters, "can afford luxury cars, people also care about a few thousand dollars a year pay more taxes? And many of the people to open large displacement car tax can be reimbursed." "Car dealers and consumers do not worry is justified." Some experts said that the current voices of doubt the industry is a great vehicle and vessel tax, many people criticized it disguised price hikes, but only by emission tax level as a standards, Difficult to achieve energy reduction and the effect of inhibition of luxury cars. Expert: inhibitory effect should be Deputy Secretary-General by the Federation Choi Dong-tree view, and the consumption tax levied only when the car is different from travel tax collected every year, will certainly dampen consumption, especially for large displacement impact on second-hand car market. Purchase of large displacement cars Most high-end consumer groups and reflect the identity of the trend to catch up, often used this type of car will be out two to three years, into the used-car market. People who buy second-hand luxury cars may be the daily cost of care, and if each More than a few thousand dollars to pay the tax, will certainly reduce the desire to buy, leading to lower valuation of used cars will naturally affect the new car market.
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