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Entrenched public open space area used cars will follow the joint multi-sector

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29 am, Jinan District Urban Management, Business, Traffic Patrol and other departments in the area launched a joint operation against the second-hand car lane and remediation, the investigation focused Changle Road, King City area, and other large districts with more complaints from the public. In Changle Road, reporters saw second-hand car parked along the violations, and some sidewalks are occupied by urban management departments for punishment for illegal parking and some traffic police department to open a single, multi-sectoral joint enforcement with remarkable results. But the cell door in the Great King City, the situation is more complicated. "Quick, check to, and quickly drove away!" 9:00 am, law enforcement officials appeared in the Great King City area at the entrance, originally parked in the cell door used car "rapid action" together: Some license plate to be hung sale of second-hand truck quickly left the scene, the moment, the cell door had stopped two full rows of used cars only seventy-eight, originally placed in the car, "consignment", "transfer" and other brands are also taking out. Jinan Patrol Squadron relevant official told reporters that they have the right to the city under the jurisdiction of the car on public roads, residential areas for parking within the chaos, the traffic police do not have enforcement power. "Who is this car? Quickly drove away!" Saw seven or eight a used car "stubborn" to park in the open space, urban management and staff from around asking people. Urban management and staff told reporters that because of this open space area owned by all, if they are involved in law enforcement, could face the situation of ultra vires, even if the operation can be identified as Jeeves, according to the principles of administrative penalties, violations, "Who the implementation of whom accept the punishment," If no one claimed parked in the open space on the second-hand car, they do not know who the offender can not be withheld cars. "They opened the shop here is the fancy piece of open space can be used to stop." Involved in joint enforcement of the Jinan Area Commerce and Industry Bureau staff said, because second-hand car dealers are intermediary organizations to apply business approval procedures, "the availability of parking field "is not hard conditions, if the second-hand car dealers issued a formal business license, business law enforcement officers have no alternative to this. While parked in the area of open space is not a used car seven or eight law enforcement powers, but two stops near the main road, which is outside the scope of parking space in the area, hampering public transportation, a ticket by the traffic police, "the future, we will strengthen this section of the patrols to ensure the open space outside the area of public roads open. "Patrol and urban management department official says.
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