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Used Car season in November to a million new record high last 20 months

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Last month, Hangzhou, the two major second-hand car market, per pass and total trading volume Motor City finally stand on the order of million words. This is the limit line emission vehicles last year, out of subsidies after the end of the world, again the scale of 10,000 transactions. Returning to the busy, so a lot of the old car dealer recover a sense of the year. High number of dealers "120, last month, regarded as the record company set up to now." Dollars through second-hand car with Vice President Hu Bin pleased to tell reporters. People in the industry know yuan through the establishment of second-hand car is the oldest brand of Hangzhou, used cars, one of its representative of transaction data has considerable significance. "Last month, the peak should appear, after all, the traditional peak season, we still spending habits in this. However, such a high turnover, a bit beyond my expectations." Yuan Tong Han Guangyu, general manager of used cars, "said In addition to the relationship between the traditional peak season, and now delivered faster car, replacement car quickly enter the market; accelerated growth in recent years new cars, used cars change to enhance the base; emission vehicles and many other factors, end subsidies to the public under the influence of second-hand in November automobile market highs. " November Guangcheng completed 56 second-hand car, although not a record high, but has reached the best level. Prozac used car to complete the transaction card 95 units, is also very close to the high point. Kwong Yuen complete 37 units second-hand car trading, hitting a new high. Volume recovery in prices surge Each end of the year this time, second-hand car market prices began to blow the wind, but this year unlike previous years, the wind, blowing every car, a little taste of heaven just a few kilometers, this year only the van, bus prices have skyrocketed, anti-other models increase was only a thousand dollars or less. Changan Star 5 years, and now absolutely can not buy less than 18,000 yuan, while 1.6 million are everywhere as early as two months. Do not look down 2,000 yuan, for the micro side, the price is the average profit of 200% cycling. The level of Jiajiao 10 million, or only 500-1,000 yuan, or even much Changan Star rose, prices not quality vehicle in the more than 1,000 yuan. However, the circulation speed of the vehicle very quickly, according to car dealer's words, previously only sold cars go faster, now only has four wheels and, are sold out. Finally, the impact of purchase tax As new car purchase tax preferential access to the last month, many consumers choose to buy used cars new cars, used Jiajiao to 100,000 in the market slightly in the cold. "A lot of people go to buy a new car this month, that is to catch the last train to the last purchase tax, leading to some potential customers are new car used car digestion. Thus, we see this year, selling car parts on the market 家轿 in slow-moving second-hand car market. As, concessions end, next year there will be a wave of retaliatory second-hand car up, after all, still have to return to this part of the crowd. " In order for us to understand the recent second-hand car price, we will launch a month after the popular used car price list, so that we understand the ever-changing used car prices.
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